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Over 10% of the world’s top 100 market leading petfood producers have benefited from the trusted technical consultancy we provide. In addition, other European petfood producers, market leading global ingredient manufacturers, and small UK start-up petfood manufacturers have also benefited from our technical expertise and market insights.

David Primrose

A food technologist by training, Synergy Petfood Managing Director David Primrose also has an MSc in Food Safety Management and over 40 years’ experience in the global petfood industry. This has enabled him to develop an extensive knowledge of petfood science and technology combined with food safety management.

In a 27-year career in Mars Petcare he worked in diverse areas including Research and Development, materials quality and development, and process development. Through global supplier quality assurance responsibilities, he developed an extensive knowledge of petfood raw materials quality, safety, and functionality.

Clients benefit from this expertise and experience translated into trusted, confidential technical consultancy services supporting innovation and growth. These are delivered to meet customers’ needs in a friendly, engaging, and professional manner.

David Primrose
  • 40 years experience
  • Market leading clients
  • 300+ audits completed
  • Professional speaker

Synergy Petfood is the new Synergy Food Ingredients

Synergy Petfood is the new trading name for Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd (SFI). Established in 2006, SFI founder and owner David Primrose has over 40 years’ experience working in the global pet food industry, including petfood manufacturers and the raw materials supply chain.

What our clients say

We have successfully helped clients in all parts of the world innovate, here is a sample of what they say.

David is highly knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise in food science and technology, food safety and raw materials in an engaging way that gets people excited about the science behind pet food manufacture.

Testimonial icon 3 Food Science Manager
Petfood Manufacturer, Canada

Based on his extensive feed ingredients, food safety and petfood industry knowledge, David is a “go-to” person and builds trust, enabling engagement at all organisation levels through his clear, concise communication. He has supported our quality system continuous improvement since 2010 and this has been instrumental in us achieving ISO22000 certification.

Testimonial icon 4 Pet Business Director
Petfood Ingredient Manufacturer, Europe

David’s wide experience gives us invaluable insights, enabling us to challenge our own vision at both operational level and commercially. We will continue working together on business, product, and application development projects.

Testimonial icon 2 Business Manager
Global petfood and animal feed ingredient manufacturer, Spain