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To stimulate innovation and support growth, the Synergy Petfood blog aims to provide easy to read articles on hot topics relating to the petfood industry.

The petfood industry is not immune to food fraud.


Pets play a key role in supporting our mental and physical health, especially during the current CV-19 pandemic. Fraud risks including food and petfood fraud increase during a crisis. We must ensure HACCP and VACCP systems are effective or pet owners will lose trust in petfood that is safe and authentic or our business will suffer.

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Building readiness and agility for the next major crisis


Businesses should learn from Covid-19 and act now to minimise the impact from future crises like earthquakes and pandemics. The most adaptable to change are more likely to survive and grow. Avoid complacency and build resilience now by updating business continuity plans for crisis management.

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Are your business continuity plans ready for the next crisis?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been very challenging and affected all aspects of our personal, business, and economic lives. However, there are positives that can be taken from the crisis that can help us be more resilient and agile in the next major crisis, including new business and operational opportunities.

To help you better understand how to build resilience and prepare for the next crisis, contact us to discuss how Synergy Petfood can help your business agility and crisis management planning.