Inspiring petfood experts of the future

We support clients continuing professional development, talent development and knowledge transfer needs to help mentor, develop, and inspire today’s and tomorrow’s future generations of petfood experts, essential for future innovation, growth, and sustainability.

Training and Mentoring

We can help with your technical training and continuing professional development needs. Our expertise includes, wet petfood science and technology, raw materials quality, functionality and food safety, technical risk management, raw materials quality, supplier quality assurance, supplier auditing and approval, petfood safety and petfood fraud.

You will benefit from a more knowledgeable and inspired team helping ensure that you innovate and meet the needs of the petfood sector today and in future. To meet your requirements, we run training workshops in-person or virtually depending on your needs and the global situation.

Training and mentoring

Event Organisation

We have 5 years’ experience in organising and running the most successful annual European technical conference for the petfood industry. This includes agenda topic identification and engaging speakers from his extensive network and facilitating the event during the event. We can do this for your event, helping you inspire your team and customers, and educate petfood experts of today and tomorrow.

5 years’ experience in organising and running the most successful annual European technical conference for the petfood industry.

Conference Speaking

Our Managing Director, David Primrose, has extensive experience in speaking at international conferences, workshops and symposia in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Since 2006, he was presented at 12 different global events in the areas of wet petfood science and technology, petfood safety, petfood fraud, raw materials risk assessment and hazard analysis.

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  • Global events
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Symposiums

Technical Writing

We help keep the petfood industry informed, we have extensive experience writing articles for the petfood industry trade press including market leading publication Petfood Industry.

We have also been a regular contributor to PETS International magazine. In the UK we also contribute to the yearly Pet Food Supplement. Our latest publication is the eBook “5 Tips to help you beat Pet Food Fraud” published in November 2020.

Technical writing

Looking to inspire and develop your team?

The global petfood industry has seen impressive market growth in recent years. To maintain this growth, it is important to ensure that petfood industry professionals develop their technical skills. This process can be facilitated ensuring ongoing continued professional development including participation in training workshops and reading the latest articles on hot topics in the industry.

Contact us to discuss how Synergy Petfood can help you inspire and develop your team.